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Faux Stone Siding - The Look of Stone Without the High Price

Although many people love the look of houses with stone walls, they don't like the expense necessary in order to actually get stone walls for their house. If you would like to give your house that stone look without going broke, you should consider some of the options for faux stone siding. A lot of companies make this sort of siding, and it looks like the real thing. There is very little maintenance involved, and many of the options are light enough and easy enough to install on your own.

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GenStone is one of the companies that make faux siding. This siding is sold in either panels (which cover about 7 square feet) or half panels (which cover about 3 ½ square feet). Since they are made of polyurethane that looks like stone, they are really light (only around one pound per square foot). Best of all, unlike real stone they don't need to be treated; they are waterproof and treated so that UV light won't degrade them. You can install them on your own with tools you probably already own. Options include three brick colors, four stacked stone colors, and four random rock colors.


For one of the largest selections available for this type of siding, you should check out FauxPanels. This company uses real stone in order to make the molds so the final product looks very much like real stone. There are multiple color options for each type of panel design, including brick, castle rock, cobble stone, dry stack, ledge stone, random rock, rock face, and stacked stone. One of the less expensive options they have available is the Nailon Faux Stone Siding for around .59 per square foot. For something a little bit fancier, you can get the Royal Rock Face Faux Panels for about .42 per square foot.

Although FauxPanels has a very large selection, there are some types of faux stone siding that they do not have. Build Direct has faux stone siding, granite wall cladding, and manufactured stone veneers that come in many similar options to those offered by other companies. But they also offer options made to look like cut fieldstone and river stone, which aren't as widely available. Another benefit of using this company is the low pricing, with the Formosa Manufactured Stone Veneer costing only .69 per square foot. If you want something a little bit different, you can get the Black Bear Manufactured Stone - Cut Fieldstone for just .90 per square foot.

Faux Stone Siding - The Look of Stone Without the High Price

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